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COVID-19 has truly changed the landscape in which you and I live. Life for so many has truly been turned upside down. As believers in Jesus Christ .. as worshipers of the true and living God, our church life and corporate worship practices have changed. In many cases, for whatever reason(s), we have grown somewhat accustomed to sitting in our living room or family room and listening to a preached message from our pastor or some other teacher of God’s word. We haven’t had to leave our homes.

But I, for one, miss seeing and exchanging greetings with members of our church. I miss those church fellowships and special Bible studies and times of encouragement when we, as a church, spent time as families watching a movie or whatever. I’ve heard some church members say, “Watching the live stream of services is not the same as being there,” and I hope and pray that’s the sentiment of others who are physically able to join in times of corporate worship. Looking forward to seeing many of you whom I haven’t seen in the not too distant future.

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