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Two of the most difficult things for people [even Christians] to say are: “I’m sorry,” and “I was wrong.” Being in pastoral ministry, I’ve found myself uttering those words much more than I care to admit. God has worked in my life to help me see that these are not damaging words—but words that help bring about healing and restoration. God helped me to see that it was my selfishness and self-centeredness that hindered my ability to say those words. I’m sure there are others who are walking with God who may struggle in this way. Be encouraged—let the Spirit of God help you come to the realization that you are probably wrong more times than you care to admit. But also let Him help you come to the realization that admitting that you’re wrong or saying that you’re sorry will raise your “integrity quotient” in the eyes of those in your circles of influence. We hate to be wrong—but many times we are. Admit it and watch God work on your behalf.

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